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We are a locally owned and operated, internet based, technology driven, lawncare and landscaping company. We have a passion for lawncare and landscaping.  We strive to beautify all the properties we service.  And to work with our customers to achieve actionable, and realistic budgets that they can afford.  We are not your father's lawncare company.  We post all price lists and labor rates right here on our website.    

We request that all customers fill out the "contact us" form on the site to begin the process of recieving their quote.  Because we are an online based company, networking with many subcontracotrs and service providers, we are able to offer lower pricing than much of our larger competitors.  95% of our competition is not using the internet or technology effectively.  They also have more trouble controlling costs under the typical "employee only" work force.  We conduct 95% of our business utilizing the internet, technology, and veteran small business subcontractors.     This makes us very unique, and as such we have several major differences between us and our competitors.   Many of the ways that we do things are very different than other lawn care businesses.  However, they are very similar to the ways most other business transact today.  We follow a construction contractor based business model. 

Most lawn care and landscape companies are operating in an antiquated fashion.  We are future focused.  Our target customer is one that is comfortable using the internet and making online purchases.  We use satellite imagrey, digtal cameras, cell phone camera technology, and any technology we can to gather informtion, produce your estimates quickly, and dispatch a crew to service your needs as quickly as possible.  All at a lower cost.  If you are not comfortable using the internet, making online purchases, and utilizing technology, we can still service your account, but our advertised rates will not apply to you.  We add a 15% surcharge to all accounts that prefer to avoid using the internet based communications and payment formats.  We also suggest that perhaps a more traditional lawn care company may be able to better suit your needs.  Please be advised we do not change our business model to accomodate "old fashioned" customers.  

Over the years we have grown to understand that good communication is the cornerstone of a good relationship with our customers. For this reason we ask that  you please be sure to read our FAQ's in our Terms of Service page.